Clinical Model

The BreatheAmerica center utilizes a model of healthcare that represents a transformation in how healthcare services are delivered to the patient to a truly patient and disease-centric model. BreatheAmerica's focus is in building a program best-suited for patients who suffer from allergies, asthma, sinus and related airway, allergic and immune deficient diseases and aims to:

  • Accurately diagnose a patient during the first visit
  • Determine the root causes, triggers and related diseases
  • Be an exhaustive and accessible education source for patients
  • Manage patients' long-term health

First Visit, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

BreatheAmerica's program starts with accurately diagnosing every patient during their first visit to the center, and providing them with an individualized treatment plan based on their disease, its triggers and related diseases.

To accomplish the First Visit, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan directive, BreatheAmerica's program includes access to a complete and comprehensive array of diagnostic and treatment options, all within one location. These services are based on BreatheAmerica-developed protocols which ensure consistent and medically appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

During the initial visit, each patient’s care is handled by a team of providers, led by an allergy specialist physician and includes midlevel practitioners such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants.  Several local area ENT and pulmonary specialists utilized for consultations as needed.

After the physician makes the diagnosis, an individualized treatment plan is developed and thoroughly reviewed by the physician lead team with the patient. Based on the diagnosis and treatment plan, the patient ends the visit with a meeting with an educator, who answers questions, provides instructions and explanations, etc.